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[Waterlily.ai FAQs](https://lilypadnetwork.notion.site/Waterlily-ai-FAQs-d89f329c33304a7d8bb8ff8d6ef6e5ac)

100% of fees paid by users (outside of smart contract costs) go to the original artists. For public images, fees are donated to public Art Organisations championing digital artists.

Content Gallery

Content Gallery


Generative AI has been transformative in allowing users to create images in a variety of styles. However, the current standard of generative AI tools often uses pre-existing images without proper attribution, consent, or revenue given to the original creator. This can be problematic for artists who want to protect their work and ensure that it is being used in a responsible way.

Waterlily.ai solves this by building a new paradigm that will compensate original creators of artwork with micropayments whenever a user selects their style to create a new Stable Diffusion artwork from a prompt.



How it Works

Waterlily.ai leverages the EVM-compatible Filecoin Virtual Machine to enable coordination and automated payments directly to artists whenever an artist model is used to create new generative images from their art style.

The stable diffusion model used to generate the new artworks is run by and on Bacalhau - a decentralised computation platform for off-chain verifiable compute over data.

See a full technical tutorial here → www.developerally.com/waterlily-ai