🎨 Artist Info

<aside> ☎️ Please ask us for help if you have any problems! In the current beta phase we are also more than happy to take details and create your profile for you or send you enough FIL to cover costs on verifying you 😊


How do I signup?

Navigate to www.waterlily.ai/ArtistSignup to automatically sign yourself up. **Note that you will need 0.1 FIL in a metamask wallet with the Filecoin Mainnet network on it to signup. This is also the wallet address we will use to send payments to you!

Demo of Signup Process:


Q: How do I get a filecoin-compatible wallet?

A: We recommend Metamask wallet as we have fully tested our application with it. To add the Filecoin Network - follow this guide.

A: To add funds to your wallet, you will need to buy Filecoin on an exchange and/or transfer funds to your wallet address - follow this guide. (Or contact us!)

Q: Why do I need to pay to signup?

A: We require a small signup fee to both try to deter bad actors as well as to cover the costs of adding new artists to the Waterlily contract and generating a sample of images. No further costs are ever needed from you after signup. [Please contact us directly if you have issues with this step so that we can help to facilitate this for you and/or waive these costs!]

Q: What happens to my images when I upload them?

A: These images are ONLY used to train a Machine Learning model to emulate your ‘style’. After this model is trained, the images are permanently removed from the server and only the model (securely) retained. This is a fully automated process. None of the images uploaded will be available after the model finishes training. Should you no longer wish to participate in future, we are also able to remove the model and your data from the platform. (note previous images generated from these models will not be removed)