At Lilypad, we believe in providing access to the computing infrastructure needed for building and running AI-heavy operations through a democratized approach. With the new Lilypad Incentivized Testnet (IncentiveNet), we offer the community a new way to interact with our innovative serverless and permissionless multi-chain distributed computing platform. This represents a significant step forward in our roadmap as we bring our decentralized network to a wider audience, offering engagement, rewards, and collaboration opportunities.

🪷 What is Lilypad Network?

<aside> 🌐 Lilypad is a groundbreaking serverless and permissionless multi-chain distributed compute network, originally developed at Protocol Labs, which democratizes access to high-performance computing. Lilypad operates by maintaining a network of node operators who provide their GPUs and provides trust by leveraging state-of-the-art verification methods and on-chain guarantees.


🐸 What is the Lilypad IncentiveNet?

<aside> 🪷 The Lilypad IncentiveNet offers participants a gamified program with rewards for engaging with the network.

This testnet serves several key purposes:

  1. Bootstrap Network Growth: Ensures network stability by ramping up essential parts of the marketplace, such as nodes or validators.

  2. Network Performance Testing: Actively tests the network’s robustness and identifies bugs, vulnerabilities, or performance issues, ensuring the network is reliable and secure.

  3. Operational and Verification Testing: Examines network operations, verification mechanisms, and game theory logic for smooth and accurate performance.

  4. Publicity and User Engagement: Attracts publicity and encourages user participation, recognizing community contributions.

  5. Feedback and Improvement: Gathers participant feedback on ease of use, developer experience, and documentation to refine and improve the network.

IncentiveNet will run continuously from June 2024 until the official launch of Lilypad on mainnet, anticipated in Q4 2024.


IncentiveNet Event (3).png

Screenshot 2024-06-20 195042.png

💡How do I get involved with IncentiveNet?


Running a node on Lilypad Network is a great way to get involved and contribute to our platform’s development and stability.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Install the Lilypad CLI: Download and install the Lilypad Command Line Interface (CLI) from our official repository. The CLI is a powerful tool and gateway for managing your node and interacting with the network, providing insights into job execution and available modules.

    Start your download and install here.

  2. Check Hardware Requirements: Ensure your hardware meets the specifications before configuring your node.

    Detailed requirements are available here.

  3. Running a Node: Follow the detailed instructions in our setup guide to configure your node. This includes setting up your hardware, connecting to the network, and ensuring your node meets the required specifications.

    Find the setup instructions here.

  4. Start Running Jobs: Once your node is configured, your node can begin processing jobs from the network. Lilypad network uses a job-based system, where you can accept and process compute jobs. Matching your node with tasks based on its capabilities and availability.

  5. Earn Rewards: As you run tasks and contribute to the network, you will earn Lilybit_ credits. These credits can be redeemed for the Lilypad ERC20 Utility Token at mainnet launch.

    The more you contribute, the more you earn. 🚀

  6. Engage and Provide Feedback: Make sure to join the community, share feedback, and help improve the network. Your insights are invaluable to us as we continue to develop and enhance the Lilypad platform.

Learn more from this blog on ‘How to Join Lilypad Network's IncentiveNet Program’. 📚

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